It is with great sadness I regret to announce the passing of Jan Bakker on 17 May 2009 due to heart failure.
     I will always be grateful to Jan for showing me his love and kindness and making my 5 years in the Netherlands with him an adventure I shall always cherish.
     Jan was born in Wormerveer, Netherlands on 15 June 1954. He worked as an architect until 2002, when he retired. He enjoyed gardening, koi, and making sculptures. He had a keen artistic sense and appreciated beauty in nature and architecture.
     Jan loved his dogs, Kes and Avi, like children.  I am very happy to report both have found new homes. Kes has been adopted by Marijke van Ooijen of Wateringen, Netherlands. Avi has been adopted by Baas and Jessica Zwartepoote of Rotterdam, Netherlands, who also own her brother Omar.
     Many thanks to all the people who helped in this task, including Marianne Felix, Annamiek Hawkins, Simon Bakker, Andre Van Den Broek, the Veterinarian Krommenie and the NVOW. Jan loved his girls more than anything, so his greatest wish would be for them to be taken care of.

     I do not have contact information for all of Kes’s puppy’s homes, but would like to let those families know that I am here for your future questions.
     Sleep well Jan. I hope you have found your peace. I will always have a place in my heart for you.

Lori Evans