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Westminster 2015
- our GCH XO Bellini 'Bubble' -
was Select Bitch ! Thanks you Anna Stromberg for your beautiful handling!

Westminster 2014
- our GCH XO Bellini 'Bubble' - second time in row Best of Opposite Sex

Westminster 2013
- our GCH XO Bellini 'Bubble' was Best of Opposite Sex !!! Full results here. Video here.

New Brunswick Kennel Club
- our GCH XO Bellini 'Bubble' was Best of Breed and Group 3 !!! Full results here.

She also is NUMBER ONE Pharaoh Hound bitch breed points 2012 in both AKC (#11 overall) and CKC (#2 overall, defeated only by AKC/CKC CH XO Royal Flush) !!!




XO Dogs and Sovrin Pharaohs are excited to announce the
‘James Bond’ litter.
Born April 13, 2019 6 girls and 1 boy !
Sire: AKC Bronze Grand Champion Sovrin Hallam Broadsword on Reedly Road ‘Bekham’
Dam: AKC Champion Osiris Don’t Worry Baby ‘Willow’

We have James Bond and his 6 Bond girls!
Each registered name will be a James Bond movie.
This is the first litter that has two of the greatest Engima bitches in the pedigree.
Enigma Sweet Heather-Bell and Enigma Shining Hickory.

Willow - is an extremely sweet and loving Pharaoh. She is 23'' tall and weigh 43 pounds. Her coat is dark, very short and
tight, with no feathering. Willow is very sound moving dog. She finished her AKC Champion title in only two months,
defeating champions. Willow has her CHIC number. Her health certifications for eyes, hips, patella, thyroid and DNA can
be found on www.offa.org.

Bekham - is 25'' tall and weighs 60 pounds. He is laid back and affectionate. He has a very short, tight coat that is dark in
color. He is very sound and is a top 20 Pharaoh, with multiple group placements and wins in the US.




Central New Jersey Hound Association show.
'Hounds only' specialty which includes all scent and sighthounds.

Our stunning Bubble (
GCH XO Bellini) was entered as a Veteran. She is 8 years old now.
She was best Veteran Pharaoh Hound, then she went on to defeat all the veteran hounds to earn Group 1, which was also best Veteran in Show for this show!

Bubble was handled by Karen Roberson, thank you !

We also would like to indrodude our 'new kid on the block'. ... Osiris Kinky Boots XO.
She is just over a year old. She is out of Sugar (GCHB Osiris Blonde Bombshell) and Hugh (CH Osiris Playboy XO II).

I just started showing her in June. This win is from Central New Jersey Hound Association show on 6 September 2018.

She was Best in Sweepstakes Pharaoh Hound. She was also Winners Bitch that day.

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