UKC Grand Champion, AKC Field Champion, ASFA Field Champion
XO's Electra Comes to Light CGC SC


» UKC Grand Champion
» AKC Field Champion
» 2007 TOP Ten Show Dog - Third
» Best In Field
» AKC Canine Good Citizen
» Multiple Reserve Winners Bitch
» AKC Senior Courser
» AKC Junior Courser
» BIS, multiple reserve BIS
» Multiple BOB
» Multiple Group placing
» Reserve Winners Bitch at the PHCA National
» BOB Lure Coursing at the PHCA National

Electra's first Point.

LC Top Ten - Lexie's #1 !
pictures of Lexie (UKC Ch XO's Electra Comes to Light JC CGC) from the Pharaoh Hound Club of America National Specialty Lure Coursing. Plus pic of the trophy that Lexie's name will be engraved on as this year's winner !

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Pickles, Nuon and Lexie - April 2007 Santa baby copy. Happy Holiday from Electra !

Lexie will be having lots of run in both AKC and UKC obedience. Also agility, lure coursing, and breed conformation.

Sex - Female
Date of Birth
- 05.01.2005
Sire: ICh,Mch,MW XO Spectacular Spectacular
Dam: MCh,MW Faouziah's Bohemia JC

Microchip: Virbac Backhome 528140000163938

Breeder: Lori Evans
Owner: Christine Johnson in Barlett IL, USA



Oct 18, 2009 Illinois Capital Kennel Club Winners, RW (Lexie has 10 points now)
Oct 17, 2009 Sandmac Kennel Club BOB (2 Point)
Oct 16, 2009 Matton Kennel Club BOB (2 Point)
Oct 4, 2009 Stone City Kennel Club Winners, RW
Sep 19-20, 2009 Sheboygan Kennel Club BOB (1 Point)
07.07.07 Northern Illinois Bouvier Des Flandres Club / John Davidson BOB, WINNERS, Group 2
29.05.07 UKC Kay-9 Petiquette, Elburn, IL., judge: Marsha Shively 1st, Best Female, BOB, BOW, Group 1,
29.05.07 UKC Kay-9, Petiquette, Elburn, IL.,
judge: Carol Glodowski-Starr
1st, Best Female, BOW, BOB, Group 1, Reserve Best in Show
28.05.07 UKC Kay-9 Petiquette, Elburn IL., judge: Karen Todd 1st, Best Female, BOW, BOB, Group 1, Reserve Best in Show
15.04.07 Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc. – PHCA Supported Entry
judge: Betty Stites
Reserve Winners Bitch
14.04.07 Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc. – PHCA Supported Entry
judge: Shelley Hennessy
Reserve Winners Bitch
13.04.07 PHCA National Lure Coursing – entry 40 Pharaoh Hounds, judges: Katie Kaltenborn, Jan Swayze-Curry Best of Breed, 5 point major
13.04.07 Augusta Kennel Club, Inc. – PHCA Supported Entry
judge: Marjorie Martorella
Open Bitch Class 2nd
12.04.07 The Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc. – PHCA Supported Entry
judge: James R. White
Open Bitch Class 3rd
21.10.06 UKC Club: CATS Judge: Maude Tank
This judge was a little tougher around the edges. Judge Tank did not allow you to stack your dog, she wanted them to self stack. She wanted very little handling. NO BAIT. She commented on how nice Lexis's front was and she really liked how she stepped into a stack. She said "very Nice" during the photo .
BOB and Group 1
21.10.06 UKC Club: CATS Judge: Pamela Moore
Judge Moore was really nice. She spent a while in the ring helping me perfect my across the ring and back. She allowed me to do it several times and critique each time.
BOB and Group 2
14.10.06 UKC Club: Kay- 9 Petiquette Judge: Donna Rommelfaenger BOB and Group 2
18.06.06 Chan O'Lakes Kennel Club, Judge Mr. Dana P Cline Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite
16.06.06 Little Fort Kennel Club of Waukegan
Judge Ms. Patricia W. Laurans
Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, BOB
11.06.06 Wheaton Kennel Club / Judge Barbara Rupert Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, BOB
10.06.06 Wheaton Kennel Club / Judge Betty Anne Stenmark Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, BOB
02.04.06 Kay-9 Petiquette, Elburn Il. / Judge: Patricia Young Class win and Best female. Total points 25
02.04.06 Kay-9 Petiquette, Elburn Il. / Judge: John Davidson Class win and Best female. Total points 25
09.10.05 Kay- 9 Petiquette UKC Conformation Show: Elburn Il.,
judge: Donna Rommelfaenger
BOB, Group 1, res BIS
28.08.05 Elgin KC - Saint Charles, IL, judge: Mr. Jerry M. Watson 1st, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, BOB
27.08.05 Elgin KC - Saint Charles, IL, judge: Mr. Robert J. Moore 1st, Winners Bitch, BOB


Weekend from Electry / April 2007

Gosh, I'm exhausted. Lori there is just so much to say............. and an email is not going to cover all of the things I'd like to tell you about. But I'll hit the highlights.

Upon arrival, we went to meet Marcello, who is a dream and Electra was immediately struck to his charisma.

The first two days of the show she was not handled by Marcello but his partner Larry.

     First day Lex took class win no placement. Judge James White
Now a for a comment........... I don't know what happened all the winners bitches came in for the points, we went through the whole thing Lex was the lead bitch after the stacking the judge real lined them, leaving Lexie in the number one position, moved the number two dog and number three dog behind her, they were taking them around, and he ended up going with the number two dog, and giving the three dog second, with a third place to Lex.

     It was a long car ride with a quick show in the morning, so Lex and I strolled over to the fun Zone. .. Pictures are not posted yet.
However Lexie was the fastest dog by 4 seconds, and she had a great time. Then she took a swim in the lake and played with a bunch of dogs. It was a good day.

     Second Day, Judge Marjorie Matorella Lex took second in class losing to her big sister pic's.

     I had several Highlights, ONE I got to meet Sandy and Pick. Lexie................ was drop dead in LOVE with her new pup. She seen him and she went into a frenzy of how do I get your attention. She was silly.

Then we all loaded up after the show......On to The Lure field. .....

Click to the last picture on this page for the results. (Don't read on, until you follow the link)

     5 point major and BOB at the National. SHE WAS AMAZING. Lexie had a fan club there, mind you, I didn't know anyone there, but she ran that course right on target and as fast and free as she could go. After the first heat she was the highest scoring dog, Second heat, was good and the we had the run offs between Open A & B. At the time of run off people were just coming up to me.... what's your dogs name? nice courser? then I can hear people yelling go Lexie from the field and we'd be walking back everyone is ... congratulations, nice job, thumbs up. I was a bit taken back by all the praise. Everyone was very nice. At the final run, which was Lexies fourth run for the BOB- field champ, at the nationals competing against 40 some odd PH, was really throwing on of her rear legs out. Lex won some really nice gifts. A hand stitch blanket, new coursing jackets, new release lead, she gets her name engraved on the PH club trophies. ....... Right there Lor...... XO's Electra Comes to Light....... BOB 2007 Makes me giggle.

You will find shots under Prelim and final, and BOB (quick link below)

On to day three,
    I requested Marcello to take Lex in on the third day, Lexie took Class and Reserve under Shelley Hennessy. Again in the winners circle Lex too second,
Sunday Lexie again took Class and took reserve again. Lex took second.
We didn't stay on Saturday for the CH as we all Alane, Sandy and I went on to other things at the show, before Pick's had her Herding Test.
Christine Johnson

Lexie report / Lure Coursing in WI. Saturday, 24

It was good to meet Sanna, what a beautiful and sweet girl. Congratulations on the win she was a pleasure to watch. She’s not the fastest, however she stayed consistent, chasing the bunny in her bounce little way. Cute, elegant and very girly.

Lex, on Saturday came charging on Tally Ho…………………

She stayed on that bunny all the way. In some cases the bunny was a bit to slow as Electra was able to keep up and was passing the lure.

I’ll tell you, there is a knot in your stomach the size of a grapefruit when you know your dog is free in a field with absolutely no recall. I was proud of my little girl. Before the races we sat on the side lines so she could see the lure. She’s a natural she seen it and was jumping and barking for the kill. Surprisingly at the end of her run she did not attack but just wanted it to gooooooooooo.

Leg one towards the JC. She also did a run for the ASFA (being that she got her first leg) she was able to run with another dog. She now has her qualifier for ASFA. At first, Lex was not willing to share the chase. She was giving the other dog the hairy eye. Tally HO, and their off. She zoned in on that bunny and charged it, the other more experienced dog, fell behind. Lex came around the field like a bat on wheels. Beautiful clean run. The man told me …. If that was a real trial, she would have won game.


                                            Sw Ch Antefa's Hapi
AKC Ch Enigma Sovereign Journey
                                            Int Ch Enigma Sophia
               ICh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, LuxCh, BelgCh, KBHW '04, EW'05,
               Landssieger '05, Jahrhundert-Sieger ‘06, Bundessieger ’06
               Sovrin Superman SC CGC

                                            Sw Ch Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa
AKC Ch Enigma Sweet Heather-Bell
                                            Int Ch Enigma Sophia
Group Winning IntCh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, Lux Ch, DKCh, Amsterdam W'04, BS'05, LS'06
XO Spectacular Spectacular

                                            AKC Ch Wadjet Windwest the Wanderer
                             AKC DC Qhaveat's Good Fortune SC
                                            AKC Ch Qhaveat Shema Heavenly Bodhi JC
              IntCh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, Swe Ch, Lux Ch, BS'05-'06, LS’06, JAS'06,
               Ger VDH Ch Katobi’s Kryptonite

                                            AKC Ch Shema's Mia Mystic Warrior
AKC Ch Jomara's Mystic Lady Katy SC
                                            AKC Ch Shema Mia Jubilee

                                            Dk Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
Int Ch Nord Ch Antefa’s Jabbah-Kaa
                                            Int Ch Antefa’s Farah Dibah
Sw Ch Faouziah’s Akunosh
                                            DK, Int CH KLBCH Lux CH UWW-89 LP1 KBHV 90,91
                                            K´Bir Ramses el Kabul

                              Norduch Ch Farao Anubis Isis
                                            Int Ch Enigma Shining Hickory
Group Winning, AKC Ch, UKC Ch, NL Ch, LS'06, LS'05 Faouziah's Bohemia JC
                                            JW-91 Shema’s Khara Nasir
Int Ch NL Ch WW-95 Imerat-Paroo of the Netherlands
                                            D Ch Int Ch Wadjet-Sakkara of the Netherlands
Int Ch Siphra’s Tell Me No Lies
                                            Sw Ch Fin Ch Antefa’s Jem-Seti
                              Ch Siphra's Mama Mia
                                            Ch Scheik's Orchid



                                   Mrs Lori Evans - Collegeville, Pennsylvania
                                   US Telephone - cell: (484) 744-5158