XO's Electricite de France
'Jasmine / Jazzy'

Jasmine has found a wonderful home with JoAnn, where she will be able to visit with Ben and Sherlock and enjoy the California sunshine!

Sex - Female
Date of Birth - 05.01.2005
Microchip: Virbac Backhome 528140000163073

Breeder: Lori Evans xodogs@gmail.com
: JoAnn Bianchi, in Burbank, California


June 2009, Jazzy with Rave

February 2009, Jazzy with Rave

December 2008, Jazzy with Rave

November 2008,

September 2008, Jazzy with Rave
I better not move Allright I won't move

Malibu :) 2008 with Rave

Jazzy and Sherlock


Jazzy on her way to Palm Deser Jazzy checkin' out the Desert Two Bunch Two Bunch

July 29, 2007 Hi Lori,

     The hard work and endless love we have been pouring into Jasmine is really¨paying off and she is starting to blossom, grow and trust.

     Her confidence has grown quite a bit and seems to be letting go and relaxing here at her new home. She has a dozen or more old ladies in our neighborhood that know her by name and stop to talk to her regardless of what they are doing.

     Every morning after her first walk and breakfast she will jump into bed with me and snuggle with me and go right back to sleep while I watch the morning news and drink my coffee. [Don't know who enjoys that more, her or me] She has grown very attached to her own bed but still loves to climb into our bed and nest.

     We went to the beach in Malibu where once again she was a show stopper, it is getting old when people say what kinda dog is that, just to hear "Huh" as the response. She loves following the waves back down the beach just to turn and run like hell when another one rolls in.

     I guess in all this I am saying Thank you Lori for choosing us as her permanent home and I am eternally grateful for the blessing that we call Jazzy. She has made our Phamily whole and brought more joy and laughs to our home than I had imagined, never a dull moment with Jasmine.

     I think you would be proud of her and the progress she is making and I wanted you to know that I am very happy and greatful to you for your kindness and and help that you have offered so unselfishly, god bless you and all the best of health and happiness to you.

Thanks, Michael

LuLu - May 2007 Anubis with Yvonne




xx.xx.xx France . CAC, CACIB
??.11.05 National show in Laval / France . Excellent 1st, Class winner, BOB


                                            Sw Ch Antefa's Hapi
AKC Ch Enigma Sovereign Journey
                                            Int Ch Enigma Sophia
               ICh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, LuxCh, BelgCh, KBHW '04, EW'05,
               Landssieger '05, Jahrhundert-Sieger ‘06, Bundessieger ’06
               Sovrin Superman SC CGC

                                            Sw Ch Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa
AKC Ch Enigma Sweet Heather-Bell
                                            Int Ch Enigma Sophia
Group Winning IntCh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, Lux Ch, DKCh, Amsterdam W'04, BS'05, LS'06
XO Spectacular Spectacular

                                            AKC Ch Wadjet Windwest the Wanderer
                             AKC DC Qhaveat's Good Fortune SC
                                            AKC Ch Qhaveat Shema Heavenly Bodhi JC
              IntCh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, Swe Ch, Lux Ch, BS'05-'06, LS’06, JAS'06,
               Ger VDH Ch Katobi’s Kryptonite

                                            AKC Ch Shema's Mia Mystic Warrior
AKC Ch Jomara's Mystic Lady Katy SC
                                            AKC Ch Shema Mia Jubilee

                                            Dk Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
Int Ch Nord Ch Antefa’s Jabbah-Kaa
                                            Int Ch Antefa’s Farah Dibah
Sw Ch Faouziah’s Akunosh
                                            DK, Int CH KLBCH Lux CH UWW-89 LP1 KBHV 90,91
                                            K´Bir Ramses el Kabul

                              Norduch Ch Farao Anubis Isis
                                            Int Ch Enigma Shining Hickory
Group Winning, AKC Ch, UKC Ch, NL Ch, LS'06, LS'05 Faouziah's Bohemia JC
                                            JW-91 Shema’s Khara Nasir
Int Ch NL Ch WW-95 Imerat-Paroo of the Netherlands
                                            D Ch Int Ch Wadjet-Sakkara of the Netherlands
Int Ch Siphra’s Tell Me No Lies
                                            Sw Ch Fin Ch Antefa’s Jem-Seti
                              Ch Siphra's Mama Mia
                                            Ch Scheik's Orchid



                                   Mrs Lori Evans - Collegeville, Pennsylvania
                                   US Telephone - cell: (484) 744-5158