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My dog's name is Finn but he was such a stinker when he was a puppy that we nicknamed him "Stinky." He is a Pharoah Hound, one of the oldest domesticated breeds. You might recognize those ears from ancient Egyptian drawings, statues, and hieroglyphics. He is a member of the sight hound family along with whippets and greyhounds. He is fast, smart, and wiley. Finn's parents are both champions and have appeared many times on Animal Planet. You can often find the two of us running together along the bridle trails and hills of central Fullerton. If so, stop us to say "Hello!"

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Gold theme Litter - Whelped May 9, 2003, Sex - Male
Owners: Joseph Taylor and Jennifer Pizzimenti / Fullerton, CA USA
Breeder: Lori Evans and Joseph Buchanan

Joseph and Finn from Halloween as a lobster ... :-) Finn Cadie and Kilian 29Oct06 IWHC

AKC FCh XO Golden State SC 'Finn'

Hello Lori,

Here's how things went today (Sunday).

After the first run, it was Killian and Zara tied for the lead, Stinky next one point away, Vista and Cadie tied for fourth and fifth one more point away and MeToo in last (she's older than Zara).

After the second run, we had a four-way tie for first place between Stinky, Killian, Zara, and Cadie with Vista fifth and MeToo last.

Rather than do a 4-way runoff and after talking it over, we decided to give Killian first place so he could get his Field Champion, Stinky in second got three points towards his LCX (now he has 4) and Cadie in third got 2 points.

Zara took fourth and Vista fifth.

Killian and Cadie also both got their SC today. Zara and Vista need one more qualifying score each.

Overall though, what a terrific XO weekend!

Two new Field Champions, two more legs for everyone with two new Senior Coursers. Zara and Vista each one leg away from Senior Courser. Stinky well on his way to LCX and MC. Lots of points to go around (8 each for Stinky and Killian, 2 for Vista and 2 for Cadie). Zara tied for first in today's run (Jennifer was so happy for her!) and a WHOLE lotta fun with great people!



Saturday's report:

AKC FCh XO Golden State SC 'Finn'

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

That's right! Ol' Stinky won first place in a full 5-point Pharaoh Hound major today! We're so proud of him and he had such a good time. We had 6 PHs including Finn, Vista, Killian, Cadie, Zara, and MeToo. The first run
heat was Stinky, Killian and Zara and the second was Vista, Cadie and MeToo. At the end of the first run it was Stinky first, Vista second, and Killian third, all separated by one point each. Zara and MeToo tied for fourth and Cadie came in last with one of the stranger runs I've seen. She just stopped all confused by one of the turns the bunnies took.

The second run was Killian, Vista and Cadie in the first heat and Stinky, Zara and MeToo in the second. Killian closed the gap a little but Stinky held on for first place and BOB! Vista and Killian tied for second. After
thinking it over, rather than doing a runoff between Killian and Vista, we decided to give Killian second place so that he would get three points and a chance to win his FC tomorrow if he wins breed. Vista picked up two points then and now has 7 points. She needs another major and 8 points to win her FC. Killian needs another major and 5 points so tomorrow he could do it.

So there's the news. There's a new AKC Champion in the XO family.



Finn's First Lure Coursing Weekend report...

We did this on a whim, really, after having spoken to some other PH owners about coursing. We saw the event in Escondido and signed him up to see if he would take to it.

On Saturday he did his first test and passed with flying colors. We went home and because he had done so well, we decided to go back the next day to see if he could get his JC title. He did that easily too and so he qualified for the trials that day.

Finn was the only PH and won BOB, BUT he also tied for the most points of all breeds after the trial. Finn had a combined total of 64 points. So, we entered him for BIF and HE WON! He ran against a Rhodesian Ridgeback in the BIF run.

He's well on his way to a senior courser title and (if we can compete him against enough other PH), a Field Champion! Obviously we're very proud of him. He ran 4 races yesterday in very hot weather, and he'd have kept going if it was up to him.

The 2 green ribbons are for his JC title.

We have more pix coming from the show organizers with Finn, the judges, his BOB and BIF ribbons, and his booty, and there was a professional photographer there who took pictures also.

You can see in the photos that on the ride home he was a very tired but contented boy.



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