new AKC Champion
September 20, 2009 in Atlanta, GA, USA
Newnan Kennel Club: (Georgia Classic Show Cluster)
Judge J. Donald Jones


» UKC Champion
» 2007 TOP Ten Show Dog - Tenth
» WB
» Best of Winners
» Reserve Winners Bitch
» BIG placements - BOG1 (4x), BOG2 (2x)
» Multiple BOB
» Senior Courser
» Junior Courser
» AKC Canine Good Citizen
» Herding Instinct Test - Passed

Reign, Pickles and Bogie - UKC Perry show 2007
 Pickles Group 1st Pickles Group 1st
Show in Perry Georgia


MAWA AKC Coursing, October 14, 2007 (Y - Pickles, P - Reign, B - Zolly)

(Y - Zuma, P - Pickles)


 Reign, Pickles and Bogie - UKC Perry show 2007 Pickles, Nuon and Lexie - April 2007


Pickles enjoys doing it all... Showing in AKC, UKC conformation, lure coursing and even weight pull competitions! A truly versatile girl.

Owners: Sandy Vernon of Atlanta, Georgia USA

Sex - Female
Date of Birth
- 06.06.2004
Sire: Ch XO Spectacular Spectacular
Dam: Ch Faouziah's Bohemia JC

Microchip - Europe chip - Virbac BackHome 528140000138217
USA Chip - HomeAgain 456 747 3C29

AKC # - HP133337/02
Patellas - OFA normal

Breeder: Lori Evans xodogs@gmail.com




24.08.08 7 PH / AKC Cherokee Rose Atlanta, GA
Sharon A, Krogh (OR)
1st Open, RWB
23.08.08 7 PH / AKC Cherokee Rose, Atlanta, GA
James R White (NC)
2nd Open, RWB
22.08.08 6 PH / AKC Cherokee Rose, Atlanta, GA
W.R. Russell Jr (WA)
2nd Open, RWB
23.09.07 5 PH / AKC Georgia Classic, Atlanta, GA, USA
Stacey B Davis (Washington)
Open Class Second
22.09.07 5 PH / AKC Georgia Classic, Atlanta, GA, USA
Joan P Anselm (Colorado)
Reserve Winners Bitch
26.08.07 Cherokee Rose Cluster Atlanta, GA USA / AKC
judge: Helen Winski Stein (Oregon)
Open Bitch Class 2nd
25.08.07 Cherokee Rose Cluster Atlanta, GA USA / AKC
judge: Joe C Walton (California)
WB, Best of Winners (2 points)
14.04.07 Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc. – PHCA Supported Entry
judge: Shelley Hennessy
Open Bitch Class 2nd
13.04.07 Augusta Kennel Club, Inc. – PHCA Supported Entry
judge: Marjorie Martorella
Reserve Winners Bitch
29.10.06 Kennesaw Kennel Club Inc,
judge: Dr Richard F Greathouse MD
07.05.06 Perry, GA BOB, Group 1
06.05.06 Perry, GA BOB, Group 1
06.05.06 Perry, GA BOB, Group 1
04.12.05 UKC Show BOB, BOG-2
04.12.05 UKC show Reserve Winner
03.12.05 UKC Show New UKC Champion, BOB, BOG-2
30.10.05 Kennesaw Kennel Club Inc., in Marietta, GA 1/W (1 point)
29.10.05 Kennesaw Kennel Club Inc., in Marietta, GA 1/W (1 point)
11.09.05 . Group 1, Best Adult in Show
04.09.05 Macon Kennel Club, Inc., in Perry GA 1 point


Further Adventures of Pickles

     At the four day dog show cluster in Perry, GA Picks did her usual conformation rings - Picks was entered only Friday and Saturday. More on that later.

     Today after ring, Picks passed the test and was awarded her AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen). She nicely handled by Alane Lachowcz, another XO family member and mother to younger brother Nuon who also got his CGC today. It will take a couple weeks to receive the official certificate but "CGC" is added after their AKC names. For those of you who are unaware of the requirements, please check the AKC website at www.akc.org.

     ANOTHER XO DOG FIRST: Two hours later, Picks passed the American International Herding Dog Association test for Basic Herding Instinct. Copy Attached. This was a hoot! She was off lead in a large pen with three adult sheep and actually herded them - at the command of the judge -clock-wise and counter-clockwise by nipping at their heels and barking. Perhaps she thought they were gigantic lure coursing bunnies. She did listen when the judge inside the pen with us re-directed her herding. It is sad that PHs are not allowed to herd competitively, maybe some day. She was pretty darn good, all three judges agreed. She wasn't ready to quit when her time was up. Barking, twisting and leaping like she does at coursing, she slipped her collar, jumped thru the fence and to join another dog working the sheep. That whole thing was witnessed by Christine Johnston, another XO family member and mother to little sister Lexie.

     Alane/Nuon and Christine/Lexie drove down from North of Chicago to compete in the Cluster. It was great fun meeting them and their dogs. Show results will be announced by Alane and Christine after they get back home on Wednesday. Since they are showing tomorrow in breed, the XO results will be posted when it is all over...

     Oh, and for those who aren't aware, Picks also completed her Junior Courser title last month with back to back passing scores.

     New roomie, Reign just barely missed his Junior Courser title yesterday. First time out on the coursing field, half the way around he zeroed in on one of the field pulleys and ignored the bunny. It was making a weird whining screaming rabbit sound... he wanted to put it out of it's misery. On the second run he was a running machine and earned his first JC leg. He's got the picture now.

     Reign didn't get a chance to herd test but he was anxious and very interested in giving it a go. Next time, he'll try his luck. It was pre-entry only, closing date was before he came to live with us on March 28th.


Sandy's report from her first lure coursing experience with Pickles
October 22, 2005

Miss Picks pranced into the wide open field, strutting her stuff, ears up, totally alert, head in the air. She knew she was head and shoulders the most beautiful, elegant dog there. Truly she was, motley crew that they were.

Finally we hooked up with a RR couple who helped and explained the proceedings. I purchased a slip collar and a set of jackets... very ill-fitting but needed - the only ones available. The RR lady after showing me how to 'lace and fit' the vest, walked us down to the start of the course and instructed me to point Picks toward the bunnies. She explained the very brief basics of coursing etiquette. Get her used to the sound of the pulley, etc. The minute the lures moved, Picks was up on her hind legs, pawing the air. Surprised every one with her leaping, spinning and whining. I was not sure if it was seeing the other dogs running or her sincere prey interest.

Everyone I spoke with told me something different. I was so confused but Pickles was constantly watching the action. I was told "you need to certify", "no, you can run without certification", yada, yada, yada. Okay, I figured - get in line and see what happens. Forms (all of them from the premium list) were completed and signed, checks and cash in my hip pocket, we approached the 'officials'... Help me out here, guys.?? Grope, grope.

Finally general consensus: no certification - no PH to run with--- so do a practice run to see if Pickles would run.... To the Line, and she went like a bullet. The entire 970 yards... not a moment hesitation. I did not have to run with her, just slipped her and she was hell bent for leather. She was not winded in the least at the end but I had a bit of a hassle to catch her. Like magic the attitude and tone of the on-lookers changed. People were cheering. I was so pleased. While I was talking with one of the officials moments later, Picks backed out of her collar and leaped into the chase of the next run. The judge who had only minutes before told me that she needed to be certified, shouted that if she ran the field with the others, he'd certify her immediately. Unfortunately the guy running the lure stopped the run but not before Pickles already had nailed the bunnies. Note: she came from behind and over took the already running dogs. Incomplete run. But this little girl is FAST! I think my Mom got some good pictures.

One super-nice man told me not to even bother with 'singles' but go straight to the competition for points "Your bitch is good."

Oh, yeah -- she ran with a pink vest. What else? The RR lady said to let her get accustomed to wearing it. I don't think Picks even noticed anything after she saw the bunny movements.

As we left the field, there was a totally different aura. Smiles and nods as we exited the field. Tomorrow we'll be there at 8:00am and kick some butt.

When we got home all Pickles wanted to do was run and leap in the backyard. We may have created a new monster! Finally after 3 hours at home and din-din, she has tucked in.

Hopefully good news tomorrow. But Pickles will run and did run first time out.

Report from show in Perry Georgia:

Pickles was the only PH but took Group 1 the morning and in the afternoon show yesterday. XOEPI has two of her three majors for her UKC championship. It was hot, hot, hot... 90+ yesterday - it was an outdoor show and a long day.

But we did bring home 3 flat ribbons (class), 3 blue (best female) rosettes and 3 purple (BOB) rosettes and, of course, 3 "big-ole" Group 1 two-tone blue rosettes.

All three breed judges commented on her lovely movement. The two lady judges and the BIS judge praised her head, saying it is absolutely beautiful and her expression is perfect. How 'bout them apples ?

She made several new doggie friends and prompted several conversations.

It was fun and I did pick up some more tips. Two professional handlers approached and asked if I'd consider their services. "No, thank you; we enjoy ourselves the way we do it but I am flattered". :-)

15.07.2004 - 5 weeks old 15.07.2004 - 5 weeks old 20.07.2004 - 6 weeks old One week old 4 weeks old One day old One day old One week old


                                            Sw Ch Antefa's Hapi
AKC Ch Enigma Sovereign Journey
                                            Int Ch Enigma Sophia
               ICh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, LuxCh, BelgCh, KBHW '04, EW'05,
               Landssieger '05, Jahrhundert-Sieger ‘06, Bundessieger ’06
               Sovrin Superman SC CGC

                                            Sw Ch Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa
AKC Ch Enigma Sweet Heather-Bell
                                            Int Ch Enigma Sophia
Group Winning IntCh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, Lux Ch, DKCh, Amsterdam W'04, BS'05, LS'06
XO Spectacular Spectacular

                                            AKC Ch Wadjet Windwest the Wanderer
                             AKC DC Qhaveat's Good Fortune SC
                                            AKC Ch Qhaveat Shema Heavenly Bodhi JC
              IntCh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, Swe Ch, Lux Ch, BS'05-'06, LS’06, JAS'06,
               Ger VDH Ch Katobi’s Kryptonite

                                            AKC Ch Shema's Mia Mystic Warrior
AKC Ch Jomara's Mystic Lady Katy SC
                                            AKC Ch Shema Mia Jubilee

                                            Dk Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
Int Ch Nord Ch Antefa’s Jabbah-Kaa
                                            Int Ch Antefa’s Farah Dibah
Sw Ch Faouziah’s Akunosh
                                            DK, Int CH KLBCH Lux CH UWW-89 LP1 KBHV 90,91
                                            K´Bir Ramses el Kabul

                              Norduch Ch Farao Anubis Isis
                                            Int Ch Enigma Shining Hickory
Group Winning, AKC Ch, UKC Ch, NL Ch, LS'06, LS'05 Faouziah's Bohemia JC
                                            JW-91 Shema’s Khara Nasir
Int Ch NL Ch WW-95 Imerat-Paroo of the Netherlands
                                            D Ch Int Ch Wadjet-Sakkara of the Netherlands
Int Ch Siphra’s Tell Me No Lies
                                            Sw Ch Fin Ch Antefa’s Jem-Seti
                              Ch Siphra's Mama Mia
                                            Ch Scheik's Orchid


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